Redefining Aquaculture Planning

At PanLogica we believe that optimisation is the future of aquaculture planning. Optimisation enables better decisions for your business because it considers all the possibilities and selects the best.

Our optimisation software Neptune has been empowering aquaculture producers around the globe, including the largest and most innovative, for more than ten years. And it can be used with any aquaculture species!

  • Neptune makes it easy for you to model your entire aquaculture value chain.
  • At the press of a button Neptune gives you the most profitable and sustainable plan!
  • Behind the scenes Neptune uses sophisticated mathematics and comprehensive models, from biological to logistical, to power your business plans.
  • Neptune brings this power to you in an easy-to-use package that integrates with your existing business practices and systems.
  • Neptune can be used in the planning of Salmon, Trout, Cobia, Barramundi, Shrimp… and more.
Reduce costs Maximise profits Optimise production

Why Neptune?

  • Neptune allows you to construct plans that are driven by market demands, pushed by supply chain imperatives or a combination of both.
  • Neptune finds the best financial outcome by optimising your business from juvenile right through to the customer.
  • Comprehensive biological and logistical modelling ensures the practicality of plans.
  • Neptune interoperates smoothly with your existing IT and ERP systems.
  • First class, highly experienced technical support team that works with you to develop long-term business plans that ensure availability and assists you to thoroughly assess different financial options.
  • Neptune enhances your internal communications.
Biological data
  • Feed
  • Strategic stocking
  • Biological capabilities
Manufacturing data
  • Materials
  • Yields
  • Capacities
Financial data
  • Market demand
  • Sales orders
  • Costs & requirements

Best financial option

To find out more about how PanLogica might be able to assist your business, please contact us for more information or to arrange a demonstration.

Profitability is a core value of Marine Harvest Norway and Neptune is a core part of the planning process.

Arnt Mjoen, IT Manager, Marine Harvest Norway

Key benefits

  • Finds the best-integrated plan for your value chain.
  • Matches market demand to production supply.
  • Evaluates all potential stockings and calculates the best options for your business.
  • Enables rapid evaluation of scenarios based on current conditions.
  • An incredible tool for asset management and strategic planning optimising return on investment.
Smolt Production
Supply at lowest cost =

How it works

Aquaculture planners are often forced to work towards possible solutions rather than the most profitable solution. For example, once a particular group or cohort of fish enters the production environment, it must be harvested at the right time to maximise profits. With Neptune all possible solutions are considered and the best chosen.

  • How much feed will they need?
  • What harvest weight is optimum in the full business context?
  • How many will survive to harvest and will they come into the harvest schedule?
  • What processing capacity will we need?
  • What price will we need to offset production costs?
  • What price should we charge for a new value added product?
  • Will there be enough fish for future sales contracts?

Change is constant.

  • What if a major customer changes their size requirements without notice?
  • How quickly can you replan to assess the impact on your business?
  • How sure are you that the plan you have is the best, most profitable, solution?

Our unique technology saves production planners and company decision makers significant time by enabling them to efficiently plan and re-plan in response to change.

And, most importantly, it simultaneously considers the millions of potential outcomes to any planning situation and rapidly chooses the most profitable one, not just the first one that fits!

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Neptune has been in use by major aquaculture producers for more than a decade and has a comprehensive powerful and practical feature set.

Best solution not first solution

Assign capacities and constraints across your value chain

Unlimited choice of customised growth models

Flexible planning periods and duration

Input or import sales forecasts and contracts

Import data from your production database

Flexibly generate stocking plans from future sales forecasts

Generate the best achievable sales plan matching fish availability

Extensive reports that communicate the plan to all parts of the business

Re-plan in seconds

Neptune is easy to install, maintain and use.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about how PanLogica might be able to assist your business.

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About PanLogica

Founded in Tasmania, the centre of salmonid production in Australia, the PanLogica team has for more than a decade specialised in unique integrated financial, biological and manufacturing planning solutions for aquaculture.

Accurately forecasting strategic, operational and tactical outcomes and “what if” situations in an ever changing environment is a significant difficulty facing aquaculture.

Our software, Neptune, combines client data and complex mathematics enabling aquaculture businesses:

  • To reduce costs
  • Maximise profit
  • Optimise production

We invite you to contact us to receive a personal contact and a more detailed explanation of Neptune and PanLogica.

Our Staff

Our founder, Dr. David Wright, undertook advanced studies into mathematics and computer science and then worked tirelessly to use these skills for the aquaculture industry. PanLogica now employs staff with backgrounds in aquaculture, optimisation, computing, mathematics and business. All staff have postgraduate qualifications (with the majority holding a doctorate in their fields).

Our staff's diverse skill set and experience provides PanLogica with the ability to utilise and refine complex mathematical techniques and to implement them in robust software.

Available Positions

Software Developer and Mathematical Developer

PanLogica is looking for an enthusiastic and exceptional C++ software developer and mathematical modeller to join our team in Hobart. PanLogica is an Australian company with customers around the world and is the world leader in optimisation based planning software for the Aquaculture industry.

By joining the team at PanLogica, you will be working in a stimulating environment creating beautiful code with the latest technology and using your skill set and knowledge to solve real world problems and really make a difference!


  • Strong software development and mathematical skills
  • Computer Science/Mathematics Postgraduate/Higher degree or 3+ years relevant experience
  • C++ 11/14/17, STL, Boost
  • Software development lifecycle experience
  • Windows, MacOS or LINUX
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Willingness to travel overseas as required


  • Optimisation
  • UI development
  • Frameworks testing
  • Functional Programming in C++

Responsibilities (not limited to):

  • Software development
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Build and code testing environment maintenance and construction
  • Code testing
  • Documentation
  • Technical Support

You must have the right to work in Australia to apply for this role.

PLEASE NOTE: Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

To apply: email covering letter and C.V. to